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ProCredit Bank


It's a big challenge to define the whole visual look&feel of a big holding like ProCredit Bank. Our team loves challenges, and the results are here!

  • Visual Identity Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Promotional Materials

  • Branding

Visual Identity Management

Knowing the advantage of creating a unique communication between the brand and the client, we created a completely new visual identity that brought freshness and innovation in the presentation of the bank’s services. Refreshed look on every digital channel.

Digital Marketing

Presenting the brand in the digital world is crucial. We understand the importance of the brand being present on social media with a unique look that will be recognizable with ease in communication. That is why the new visual identity that we have created perfectly reflects the identity of the digital media bank.

We helped improve the visual approach of the brand, so that ProCredit Bank has a clearer and more customer-friendly design. A design that brings results.

Overall synchronized look and feel 0%

Promotional Materials

Following the principles of the new visual identity that brought freshness and innovation in the presentation of the services of ProCredit Bank, at the same time keeping the principles and values ​​that the bank stands for, we made promotional materials. 


It is very important for us to maintain the visual identity in the branding of the offline presence of the brand, through full coordination of all used colors and visual elements in order to have consistent recognition.

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