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Metodija Shatorov-Sharlo 1/3, Skopje

Villa White Lotus


Located in Croatia, on Biokovo Mountain & Sumartin, Villa White Lotus is meant to take people’s breath away. The creators of the Villa had requirements for a minimal approach of a website that will showcase every detail meticulously.

  • UI/UX


Our challenge was to create something that is catchy, easy on the eyes and vibrant, that’s how we came up with a logo that catches the attention of the viewer without being intrusive but keeping them engaged with the chosen colors.


The logo is translated into a key visual that plays a main role in the branding of Technoperia. 

Applied all throughout every stationery + digitally, the key visual creates an imminent recognition. 

Website UI/UX

Inspired by the simplicity of the Villa and the high-quality lifestyle it promises, we designed the perfect synonymous website for it. Being a one-pager, the website keeps every needed information at a glance. From sharp lines combined with a dynamic flow to light colors to accentuate the Villa itself, the UI captivates its audience.


The goal of the UX is to bring ease of use of any application or website. The ease of use of the application or the website, improves the relationship between the product and the user.

That was our goal for the platform for DANKS. We designed a creative and intuitive UI which significantly made the User Experience easier to use.

Simplicity in usage and a modern look & feel contributes to an ongoing trust with their users. The goal was achieved and we continually work on improving the platform even more.

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