The owners of MEGA needed a complete marketing strategy for their brand and to define how the brand would be presented. The solution consisted of designing a website and developing a marketing strategy synced with the mission and vision of the brand.


The team of Pageland is always cheerful, careful and ready for collaboration. They perceive and analyze the needs of their clients and present ideas and original solutions in an inherent way. The feeling of understanding that they have is the thing that makes our relationship functional and us as their clients brings us closer the goal we want to achieve.

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Marketing Strategy

Knowing the advantage a brand has when it comes to a unique communication with a client, we developed of detailed marketing strategy that defined the tone of voice of Mega Kumanovo. The marketing strategy reflects every field of the brand and it is symbiotic with the goal to have growth in the revenue.


Being aware of the power a well-developed website and the 24/7 promotion it generates for the brand, we came up with a solution for designing a website for MEGA Kumanovo that will reflect all their services, and in the meantime will be a full developed e-commerce platform which will make the products available for their clients.

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The power of Google. The brand presence in the digital world is crucially important, especially when it comes to Google Search. Organic and paid search is the most important step in building brand awareness to the max.


The power of Social Media. We understood the importance of the brand to be present on social media with a unique look & feel that is recognizable and with ease of communication for the viewer. Every aspect of the design is reflected everywhere. 

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