Peddy is a Dutch company that has developed a platform which caters to improve employee’s everyday activities, by introducing innovative improvement of the employee performance, using unique functionalities that are intuitive to use. The founders of Peddy requested to redesign their dashboard with better User Experience and more intuitive and modern User Interface Design.


I have a chance to work with Pageland in a few projects and I am very satisfied with the service, professionality and the dedication of Pageland on every project. I will continue to work with Pageland on many more projects to come and recommend other companies to do the same.

Agim V.


User Experience

The goal of the UX is to bring ease of use of any application or website. The ease of use of the application or the website, improves the relationship between the product and the client.

That was our goal for the platform for Peddy. We designed a creative and intuitive UI which significantly made the User Experience easier to use.

Simplicity in usage and a modern look & feel contributes to an ongoing trust with their clients and employees. The goal was achieved and we continually work on improving the platform even more.

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