TheHorizon is a Dutch company for offshore and outsourcing services of the IT sector in order to help companies experience growth in their IT and marketing activities.  TheHorizon is also a partner with Pageland, embracing mutual services symbolically for greater success and growth of the companies.

We are very happy for our partnership with Pageland. From online marketing strategy, to creating marketing content, setting up targeted campaigns they have helped us throughout the process with great success. Thank you.
Maksut G.


Brand building

When it comes to creating a brand following the mission and vision of the collaborator, the most important part is the name selection process. TheHorizon’s name contains a broad view of the future of technology, transcending the horizons of what technology now represents.

The next step after the name is logo design. The symbiosis of logo typography enables multi-functionality of the brand logo and versatility in its use.

All other elements of the materials that were branded followed the concept, the colors of the logo, as well as the modern touch of the brand itself.

User experience

The purpose of UX (user experience) is to facilitate the use of the website by the client. The easier it is to use, the better the relationship between the product and the customer.

That was our goal for TheHorizon’s website. We designed a creative and intuitive UI (user design) that greatly facilitated the user experience.

Ease of use, modern look and building long-term trust with their customers was the goal we achieved, and we are continuously improving it.

Plus laptop device
Device mobile


With detailed research as a first step, which is very important for defining the future of the brand, we came up with a digital marketing strategy that defined a visual look and concept for social media.

Creating content, creating a monthly media plan with predefined activities for social media, contributed to the brand to experience growth in the first month of activation.

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