Urban Garden, residential & commercial complex. Urban Garden’s owners approached our agency with a desire to make a complete marketing strategy on how the brand/complex would be represented. The solution consisted designing a website and developing a brand marketing strategy intertwined with the brand’s mission and vision.


Creativity, efficiency and professionalism are just one of the reasons why we recommend Pageland. They created our marketing strategy and website with care and dedication, and that was reflected in the daily success of the campaigns.


  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • Creating a website
  • Media plan for social media
  • Media plan for social media
  • Creating social media content
  • Banner design for Facebook & Instagram
  • Advertise on Google, Facebook & Instagram


The unique communication between a brand and a customer should always be done in a clear way, avoiding to represent the brand with a ‘sales pitch’ only characteristic. Following this, we created a detailed marketing strategy which defined the voice and tone of Urban Garden. The marketing strategy is in complete symbiosis with the mission and vision of the brand in order the sales to improve continuously. That tone of voice of the brand is consistent on every social media channel, bringing synchronicity all over the digital presence of Urban Garden.


Being aware of the power that owning a website has, and the 24/7 promotion that the website gives a brand, our solution for Urban Garden was consisted of design and communication of every detail of the residential complex, the plan behind its creation and also the way it helps people in choosing an urban way of living.
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The power of Google. The brand presence in the digital world is crucially important, especially when it comes to Google Search. Organic and paid search is the most important step in building brand awareness to the max.


The power of Social Media. We understood the importance of the brand to be present on social media with a unique look & feel that is recognizable and with ease of communication for the viewer. Every aspect of the design is reflected everywhere. 

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