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Rade Končar TEP


Rade Končar TEP requested from our team to build a new brand for their already proven product on the market, the pellet stoves.

  • Brand Development

  • Creating a Website

  • Branding Design

Brand Growth

We created a logo that symbolizes fire, power. The name derives from the KAIZEN method, which represents a continuous incremental improvements. We developed the brand’s mission and vision accordingly the constant improving of Faizen stoves.

Creating a Website

The purpose of UX (user experience) is to facilitate the use of the website by the client. The easier it is to use, the better the relationship between the product and the customer.

That was our goal for the website. We designed a creative and intuitive UI (user design) that greatly facilitated the user experience.

Ease of use, modern look and building long-term trust with their customers was the goal we achieved, and we are continuously improving it.

We helped develop the brand from A to Z 

Branding done right 0%

Branding Design

Faizen is dedicated to developing innovative products and innovative production processes that will better the lives of the people. Therefore, the complete visual identity captures the company’s mission and vision. Uniquely created, step by step, the goal is to evoke emotions that their vision and mission represent, by replicating them into the overall visual design.

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