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The concept of EMERALD is presented as an elite brand that sells billiard tables together with the visualization of the interiors that are created especially for them. With freedom for creativity and strategy we created the concept to give a feeling of an extraordinary living.

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Brand Development

We wanted the idea of elite living to be incorporated in every aspect of the brand from the name that is taken as inspiration from the very valuable stone EMERALD that represents royalty and exclusivity. From there we continued and chose the colors emerald green that not only represents the color of the stone but also is similar to the color of the cover of the upper part of the billiard table in combination with sand color as colors of the brand. As a brand that is focused on selling billiard tables we got inspired to create the logo from a part of the billiard table itself with a twist on looking abstract from the real table.

Social Media Advertising

The power of social media is an inevitable and fundamental factor for a company to make progress. We understand the importance of having the brand present on social media with a unique look that will be recognizable, with ease in communication. Every aspect of the design needs to be reflected on every digital channel.

We helped the brand stand out from the competition by following the mission and vision that the owners had.

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Creating a Website

The next step was to create a website. The purpose of UX (user experience) is to facilitate the use of the application or website by the client. The easier it is to use, the better the relationship between the product and the customer. We designed a creative UI (user interface), following the colors and logo design. At the same time, the fluidity of the website enables easy finding of all the products offered by the brand.


By marrying the concept, colors and the idea behind EMERALD, we created a unique logo which tells a story. The lines from the logo helped as base to create the pattern. We incorporated the pattern on every corporate materials and products.

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